Food Service Campaign


In the spring of 2016, my team at Upshot pitched ideas to Starbucks focusing on their tea brand, Tazo. We were tasked with coming up with a campaign strategy to feature the brand in food service locations such as hotel lobbies and college cafeterias.

To communicate Tazo’s “artfully blended” positioning, I incorporated whimsical illustrations,  strategically placed, under each cup as if the drawings were originating from the iced tea.

Augmented Reality Table Tents

To surprise & delight patrons during their dining experience, we created table tents that would come to life in color with an augmented reality app.

Coloring Sheet Tray Liners

Inspired by coloring books for adults, we decided to feature the whimsical illustrations on cafeteria tray liners with a set of crayons or colored pencils for patrons to color.



Art Direction, Design, Photography, Strategy


Starbucks // Tazo Tea